I got so much more than I expected. There was a whole self discovery process that I didn’t think I needed going into it.
— Katie

Step 1

I work one on one with my clients to develop a vision for their ideal lifestyle. This vision doesn’t have to be perfect, just a starting point to explore what you really want to create for your life.


Step 2

Then we develop clarity around around that vision by going through each possession, one by one, deciding which items spark joy and which do not. Items that spark joy are kept, displayed and organized so everything has a place. Items that don’t spark joy or serve a useful function are discarded. New habits that align with the vision are also created to maintain and expand upon the ideal lifestyle.


Step 3

I work side by side with you throughout the process. We will pull out each item in the house of a particular category, make a big pile, and then go through items one by one. I take the lead on guiding the process, ask clarifying questions to help you make decisions, and take notes on important information you want to remember. 


Book A Session

Personal, one-one-one sessions with Michell start with a tour of your home and all its storage spaces. Then I’ll ask you guiding questions to create a vision for your ideal lifestyle. The ideal lifestyle + the joy check is the foundation upon which all keep or discard decisions are made.

Then we will begin the decluttering process starting with clothes, then books, papers, komono (a Japanese term for all that other stuff you have in your house) and ending with sentimental items. We work by category, not room. The order is intentional and I highly recommend keeping to it.

I do lots of the heavy lifting, sorting, putting things in piles and then organize the items you choose to keep. Things will get messier before they get tidy. All storage is temporary until you have completed sorting through all of your items. We wait to organize last because storage opportunities may shift based on the choices you make.

I am happy to provide you a list of suggestions to donate or dispose of unwanted items but ultimately clients are responsible for the removal of all discarded items.

The number of sessions needed is based on how large your home is, the number of possessions you have, how quickly you make decisions, and how much “homework” you complete on your own. An estimate of how long the full process may take will be provided after the first session is complete. A full five hour session is required for the first session because it includes a tour of your home and setting the vision for the ideal lifestyle.

Home Transformation Packages

Large Package

10 Sessions/50 Hours


Perfect for people with large homes and lots of things. People who want to get their families involved. People who don’t want to do any homework between sessions.

Mini Package

3 Sessions/15 Hours


Perfect for single people who live in small homes or people who want support getting started and are willing to do lots of homework on their own.

Standard Package

5 Sessions/25 Hours


Perfect for people who live in average size homes who want support through most of the process and are willing to do some homework on their own.

Single Sessions

 Mini Single Session

3 hours - $225

Perfect for people who want to try out a session after work and are willing to do lots of homework on their own.

Standard Single Session

5 hours - $350

Perfect for people who just want to try out one session.


Not near me but you want support and you like my vibe? Virtual calls are great if you are working through the method on your own but you want to check in with me during any point in your process. I can help:

Guide you through visualizing your ideal lifestyle

Support you in identifying what sparks joy

Answer any process questions

Offer storage solutions and ideas

1 hour virtual consult via FaceTime or Skype / $75

*Virtual tidying is not a replacement for in-home consultation services. Virtual tidying is not the recommended format according to the KonMari Method™ and virtual hours do not count towards a consultant’s certification levels.


Not in the Columbus metro area but really want to work with me? I am available for travel. Contact me to set up a special package, typically including longer daily one-on-one sessions. Travel fees and accommodations would apply depending on the distance.


I’ll help you visualize how you want to feel and interact in your new space, joy check items and help you pack. After you get your stuff moved, I'll help you unpack and organize everything so your new space feels good.

Business or Office Spaces

Cluttered cubicle? Messy office supply closet? Inventory storage that’s chaotic? I can help straighten it out.

Have a project that never gets checked off the list?

Cluttered basement, overflowing garage, forgotten-about storage unit? I’ll use the KonMari Method™ principles to support you in completing the project so you can check it off your list once and for all!


Is your kid's room a mess? I can work one-on-one with them to apply the KonMari Method™ to their rooms.

Workshops and Speaking Engagements

I love speaking to groups! I facilitate experiential exercises and discuss KonMari basics for large or small groups. Contact me for rates and to discuss your event idea.

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