Michell Domke - KonMari consultant

About Michell

I became a professional organizer because I like to put things in order. I like to make sense out of cluttered, disorganized spaces and create efficient systems. Seeing the transformation makes me happy. I realized that not everyone feels the same joy that I do, and organizing doesn’t come easy for a lot of people.

I love working alongside my clients, discovering their vision, and helping to guide and support them toward an organized space that feels good to them.

The light bulb moments and the relief that comes over my clients faces as we create solutions for problem areas shows me that transformation not only happens to the space but to the people who live and work in it too.


The KonMari Method™

The KonMari Method™ has the power to transform your life. This audacious statement is true because the method allows you to get clear your vision and make decisions based on what sparks joy. Not decisions based on how much you spent on something, or to keep things out of obligation, or because you think something might be useful one day.

The Magic

When you make choices based on what sparks joy your mindset begins to shift. What is important to you becomes increasingly clear and you begin to spend time and money on the things, activities and people that matter most.  

The Process

I will work with you to

  1. Make a commitment to putting your space in order

  2. Imagine your ideal lifestyle  

  3. Decide what to keep and what to discard based on your vision and what sparks joy

  4. Proceed in order by category - clothes, books, papers, miscellaneous, sentimental items

  5. Organize after you’ve finished discarding

  6. Find a place for everything and create new habits


Want all the details or ready to get started on your own? Click here to read the books!

Decluttering was an investment toward my vision.
— Jennifer