Love from my clients…


"Michell has been so great to work with. I knew I needed a change in my life and I’m so grateful to have found her! She was so patient with me as I went through all of my “stuff”. I feel so much more free in my own home, especially now that my things are organized in a way that demonstrates my new way of life.

I was worried I would have to get rid of everything but Michell didn’t work that way. She took the time to get to know what was important to me and helped me figure out what wasn’t serving me anymore. I didn’t have to get rid of anything that was truly meaningful to me.

Working with Michell has been about way more than getting rid of my “stuff” (though I did donate 10 bags of clothes!). Her methods created a new way of thinking about why I value certain items and how that relates to what I want in my life. I even shop differently and have a way easier time deciding what I truly want to bring into my home."

~ Lisa


After my husband passed away and I knew I had to clear ‘our space’ to move and create ‘my space’ in a new location, I was paralyzed. Michell’s process and support—particularly in getting me to create a vision for that space—got me moving and motivated.

Holding true to the vision of what I wanted in my space made it easier to make hard decisions about what to keep and what to let go. I’m convinced I would never have done it alone, that I would have rented a storage space and paid for it for years, rather than get this done.

Michell’s presence and patience created an opportunity for me to work through the stuff and some of my grief, to speak memories out loud and to even find unexpected joy and laughter in the remembering. The experience—and the results—are priceless to me.

~ Karen


Decluttering and organizing are not my strengths and when you’re in your stuff every day, it’s hard to see how to fix things. I knew I needed to work with someone to get it done.

Working with Michell, I got so much more than I expected. There was a whole self discovery process that I didn’t think I needed going into it. Now I know myself better and prioritize spending time and money on the things that are most important to me. Getting rid of the clutter has reduced my anxiety and improved my relationship with my husband and kids.

I learned skills for organization and decluttering that I’ve been able to maintain and I’ve gotten my family involved in the process too. After Michell and I did my side of the closet, it looked so good that my husband wanted to do his side too. He and I worked on it together; now it looks and feels so peaceful.  

I realized that I had emotional attachment to stuff that controlled me. I’ve been able to remove attachment to things and realized that not everything has to be in my life forever. My new mantra is “let go.”

Working with Michell was worth the time and financial investment because she helped me streamline things that got in the way of spending time with my family. She met me where I was at and I never felt like I needed a bigger house or a bigger closet. I love the transformation!

~ Katie


I’ve lived in my home for eight years and I’m on the go all the time. I used to travel for work so my home became a place to dump stuff and move on to the next thing. Over time it became cluttered; I couldn’t find things so I would buy new things repeatedly. I love to entertain but due to the burden of clutter having people over wasn’t an option.

Now I run my own business and work from home frequently. The clutter was taking away my ability to think clearly for work and as a home it certainly wasn't a relaxing calm environment.

I worked for months discarding and donating things before I brought Michell in to help. I needed reinforcements and decluttering was an investment toward my vision. She was able to help me get rid of things by keeping me focused on my vision for my living space and what brings me joy! This meant getting rid of old papers that have been collected over the years, old artifacts like a wine rack that was no longer being used, as well as duplicates of things that were no longer necessary. As a result of working with Michell, I now have a home environment that I am proud of and enjoy spending time in. This has benefited my personal life and my business, and I am forever grateful to Michell for this.

~ Jennifer


I thought it was impossible for Michell Domke to share with me new organization habits. I already make lists of things to do, work off a calendar, and have a clean house with the ordinary little specks of clutter. Michell is like an organization ninja, using her KonMari methods in a clear and intuitive manner that are easier to follow than the tools you think you already have. Michell first started with my closet, helping me build relationships to my shirts, pants, accessories, and dust balls. What I thought was going to be an excruciating and teeth-pulling process ended up being a fun experience where results were made. I’ve learned that you don’t need to be anal to be an efficient organizer—I just needed a guiding hand from Michell. Today, I continue to follow the methods I learned and feel so much better about my personal spaces. Thank you Michell.

~ Ben


Michell helped me declutter my basement after years of neglecting it. I knew that if I cleaned it up my home would feel better energetically, but I just didn't know where to start on my own. That is the value of having Michell work with me through the really uncomfortable process; it just isn't possible for me to do this on my own.  My basement has been transformed because of Michell and so has my home. I have been able to donate items that have been sitting in my basement for years; it feels so good to let all that stagnant energy go. If you have stuff that you don't know what to do with, I highly recommend reaching out to Michell for a consultation. It is worth every penny that you invest - it really is a smart investment.

~ Natalie


I worked with Michell during a time in my life when I didn’t know I needed her. I was in a terrible relationship that was overtaking all aspects of my life. My then partner had moved into my house and brought an enormous amount of clutter that I didn’t realize was suffocating me. I brought on Michell at first to show my ex that decluttering wasn’t a bad thing, even though in my head I didn’t really need it. I was wrong. Michell helped me realize that even as “minimalistic” as I thought I was, it could be refined. She brought clarity and fluidity to my environment. Everything has a place and there is a place for everything.

Energetically my place felt clean even though my ex left it cluttered. Oddly enough the end of my relationship (FINALLY) led me to use the skills Michell taught me. I downsized everything I’ve always wanted to, I got rid of things I held memories on and I even found my passport exactly where Michell told me it should belong for my flow! My new place it feels amazing. Thank you Michell for teaching me skills I thought I already knew.

~ Lindsay

”I went from hopeless to hopeful that I can do this.
— Workshop Attendee

I’m ready for a change.