I got so much more than I expected. There was a whole self discovery process that I didn’t think I needed going into it.
— Katie

Working with a Professional Organizer…

I specialize in the KonMari Method™ of home organization because it goes deeper than making things pretty. The method makes the connection between the things we choose to own and the life we choose to live. It doesn't require you to purchase a lot of things to get your home organized or make it look perfect. It asks you to look inside yourself and choose what's important and joyful to you.

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Step 1 - Vision

First we will create a vision for your ideal lifestyle. This is your road map to help you make decisions.

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Step 2 - Decision

Second we will go through your possessions by category and decide what to joyfully keep and what to let go of with gratitude. The recommended order is: clothes, books, papers, miscellaneous, and sentimental.

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Step 3 - Organize

After all decisions are made we will figure out how to best organize the items you want to keep and how you would like to handle discarding those you don’t. We can use what you already have to organize, or I can suggest or shop for additional storage items.

For just a few hours of effort, Michell helped rejuvenate my living conditions and I actually enjoyed being home.
— James

Single Session Rates

Single Session

4 hours - $345

Full Day Power Session

8 hours - $645


Home Transformation Packages

Packages are all based on 4 hour sessions with me, a professional organizer. Additional sessions may be purchased at the package rate should you need more.

The Minimalist

3 Sessions | 12 Hours


Save $45

The Average Jane

5 Sessions | 20 Hours


Save $150

The Collector

10 Sessions | 40 Hours


Save $450


Shopping Services

I love to re-purpose what you already have to organize your space but sometimes new bins, boxes, dividers, and organizers spark a lot of joy and are really useful! Online and in store shopping services are available to add on to your tidying sessions. Hourly rates and fees apply.

All clients receive complimentary suggestions on items to purchase on their own.


Not in the Columbus metro area but really want to work with me? I am available for travel. Contact me to set up a custom package that would include tidying sessions plus travel and accommodation fees. I recommend this option if you’re available for 2-5 full days of tidying.

A travel fee may apply for distances over 30 miles.


Gift Cards Available

The gift of a professional organizer is perfect for engagements, weddings, baby showers, birthdays, retirement and just because. Email Michell to purchase your gift card.

Home Organization Services gift card, Columbus Ohio

Let’s talk! Schedule your free 30 minute consultation call.

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The Session Experience

Personal, one-one-one professional organizing sessions with Michell start with a tour of your home and all its storage spaces. Then I’ll ask you guiding questions to create a vision for your ideal lifestyle. The ideal lifestyle + the joy check is the foundation upon which all keep or discard decisions are made.

Then we begin the decluttering process starting with clothes, then books, papers, komono (a Japanese term for all that other stuff you have in your house) and ending with sentimental items. We work by category, not room. The order is intentional and I highly recommend keeping to it.

I do lots of the heavy lifting, sorting, putting things in piles and then organize the items you choose to keep. Things will get messier before they get tidy. All storage is temporary until you have completed sorting through all of your items. We wait to organize last because storage opportunities may shift based on the choices you make.

I am happy to provide you a list of suggestions to donate or dispose of unwanted items but ultimately clients are responsible for the removal of all discarded items.

I can help with…

Business or Office Spaces

Cluttered cubicle? Messy office supply closet? Inventory storage that’s chaotic? I can help straighten it out.


Is your kid's room a mess? I can work one-on-one with them to apply the KonMari Method™ to their rooms.

projects that never get checked off the list

Cluttered basement, overflowing garage, forgotten-about storage unit? I’ll use the KonMari Method™ principles to support you in completing the project so you can check it off your list once and for all!


Moving is expensive; discard before you go. I’ll help you visualize how you want to feel and interact in your new space, joy check items and help you pack (boxes and supplies not provided). After you get your stuff moved, I'll help you unpack and organize everything so your new space looks and feels good.

Michell Domke a Certified KonMari Consultant and Professional Organizer is available for virtual home organization sessions. Based in Columbus Ohio.

KonMari Coaching

Virtual KonMari Coaching calls are great if you are working through the method on your own but you want support during any point in your process. I can help:

Guide you through visualizing your ideal lifestyle

Support you in identifying what sparks joy

Coach you through choosing what to keep/discard in any of the 5 categories (Clothing, Books, Paper, Komono (miscellaneous) and Sentimental)

Answer any process questions

Offer storage solutions and ideas

Virtual Consult via FaceTime or Skype | $75/hour

Get Started!

If you’d like to work with me, book your free call now. We will discuss your needs, your goals, and how we can best achieve them together.

Workshops and Speaking Engagements

I love speaking to groups! I facilitate experiential workshops for large or small groups. Contact me for rates and to discuss your event idea.