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Spark Joy By Decluttering Your Life

  • Epicenter Event Space 2100 Morse Road Columbus, OH, 43229 United States (map)

Life has so much stuff. There's all the physical stuff in our homes, our offices, garages and basements. Our calendars are packed with all the stuff we do in a day. Our heads are full of stuff like to do lists, thoughts and emotions. And, over time all this stuff accumulates and creates clutter.

Most of us just learn to deal with clutter as a way of life, but have you ever considered its hidden costs? Stress, anxiety, time and money to name a few. But then there are the deeper costs like living from obligation, dismissing your dreams, feeling stuck and overwhelmed. It doesn't have to be this way!

Imagine if the clutter was lifted and your space only contained things you love and were useful, if you had clarity around what was important and could let go of the rest. What opportunities would you chase? How would you spend your time?

This 2.5 hour fun, interactive workshop is based on using the principles of the wildly popular KonMari Method to declutter and organize your space and your life. We will explore how you feel in your current space, create a vision for your ideal lifestyle, learn the basics of implementing the KonMari Method in your own home, and practice decluttering one element of your life.


Next Level Trainings Momentum Member - Free

Next Level Training graduate (any program) - $25.00

General Public - $35.00