Why are sessions so long!?

Sessions are completed in three or five hour blocks of time to create the most dramatic results. If we tried to declutter your space an hour at a time, we’d never finish!

How long does the full KonMari Method™ take?

It depends. Factors include how much stuff you have, how quickly you make decisions, how often you schedule sessions and how much ‘homework’ you complete on your own. I recommend completing the full process as quickly as possible to achieve the most dramatic results, typically with 6 months.

I have no idea what my ideal lifestyle is! This part of the process is kinda stressin’ me out…

That’s ok! We’ll sit down and I’ll ask you some questions about things you like, things you want to do, how you want to feel in your space. It’s pretty informal, doesn’t have to be perfect and isn’t set in stone.

I know exactly what my vision for my ideal lifestyle is. Why do we have to talk about it? Let’s get movin’!

That’s great! Share it with me so I understand how to support you in making choices. I may ask some questions for clarity or to flush things out and then we’ll get moving!

Where are you based?

Columbus Ohio! I work with clients in the central Ohio area. Additional fees may apply to accommodate traveling distances greater than 30 miles.

Do you work in spaces other than homes?

Yes! Let’s talk if your office needs tidying or your business storage spaces need help. Or if you just need to tackle a storage unit, a garage, shed or basement.  

Do you provide moving services?

Sort of. I will gladly help you choose what to pack (and what isn’t moving with you!), put it in boxes and label it as we go. But I will not help you move it. You provide the boxes, packaging materials, tape and other supplies.

What supplies should I have on hand?

Trash bags, boxes or bins of various sizes, if you have them. Shoe boxes are great for storage. No need to go out and buy any storage systems. We’ll use what you have first and I’ll make recommendations on items to purchase as we move through the process.  

Can you help me get rid of my spouse's, teenager’s, roommate’s stuff? It’s driving me crazy!

No, I will work with you to make decisions about items that you own or belong to your young children. Discarding items that do not belong to you will lead to mistrust and a dislike for decluttering and tidying. I am happy to help organize and store your family member’s items or work one-on-one with them if they are interested in a session with me. The KonMari Method™ is contagious though and once your family members see the difference you are making with your things, they may want to try it.

Do you work with estates?

Yes, I will work with clients who want support sorting through a loved one’s possessions, helping them to choose what to keep, what to rehome and what to let go. I will offer suggestions on how to donate, sell or dispose of items but do not currently coordinate those services.  

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes! My ‘hour bundles’ are packages of time that you can use in increments of 3 or more hours at a time. They are set at a reduced rate compared to the standard Full Session or Mini Session rates.