Life truly begins only after you have put your house in order.
— Marie Kondo

Michell Domke and Marie Kondo at the Chicago Consultant Seminar 2017.

Michell Domke and Marie Kondo at the Chicago Consultant Seminar 2017.

"My clients learn a new way of looking at their lives and find life is better in an organized joyful space."

- Michell Domke -

I’m thrilled to be the first certified KonMari Consultant in the state of Ohio! I choose to specialize in the KonMari Method™ because it goes deeper than making things pretty.

The method makes the connection between the things we choose to own and the life we choose to live. It doesn't require you to purchase a lot of things to get your home organized or make it look perfect. It asks you to look inside yourself and choose what's important and joyful to you.

I want to help people see their space and their life in a new way.

After my husband passed away and I knew I had to clear ‘our space’ to move and create ‘my space’ in a new location, I was paralyzed. Michell’s process and support—particularly in getting me to create a vision for that space—got me moving and motivated.
— Karen

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Michell Domke

I believe that identifying what sparks joy has the power to bring simplicity and clarity to one’s life in a powerful way.

I am passionate about transforming spaces and believe that transforming your space has the power to transform your life. I use the KonMari Method™ which means my clients choose what to keep and what to discard based on what sparks joy. Then items are organized, finding a place for everything.

My philosophy is to listen to my client’s unique needs and challenges, treat them with respect and confidentiality, and support them in creating a space that aligns with their ideal lifestyle, needs and passions.

After I completed the KonMari Method™ in my home I gained clarity on my personal style and connected to what items and activities sparked joy for me. Now when I’m out shopping, or an advertisement catches my eye, it’s so much easier to make choices. In the past I would look at everything, making comparisons and struggling to make a decision on if I wanted to buy a cute dish or shirt. Now I joy check it, think about if it fits my lifestyle, make a choice and move on. I’ve found that I buy fewer things and enjoy the things I do have more fully.

Watch Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix.

Michell’s methods created a new way of thinking about why I value certain items and how that relates to what I want in my life.
— Lisa

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