Simplify For Back To School

Create Your Vision. Set Your Intention. Simplify.

a worksheet for parents

Step 1 - Visualize

In an ideal world, how do you want to feel this school year? Use words that describe emotions or feelings. These words are your touchstone to reflect back upon when things aren’t going as planned.

What do you want quality time with your family to look like? Example: eating at least 4 meals together per week, planning a vacation, setting aside time on the weekend.

Then set a timer for 3 minutes.Close your eyes and visualize ALL the things you usually do during the school year - school transportation, after school activities, birthday parties, homework, cooking dinner, family events, field trips, doctor’s appointments, quality time, everything you can think of... let your mind run wild! Then in the next step, we'll write it down.

Step 2 - Prioritize

From your visualization, write down your priorities.

  • High priority items are the MUST DO or are very important things.

  • Medium priority items are nice, but would be OK to drop if things got hectic.

  • Low priority items are things that can be dropped in favor of simplifying to have more time to just BE and live life.

List each family member’s name and the associated activity on the next page.


Step 3 - Reflect & Reset

Inevitably things don't go as planned. We get stressed and overwhelmed and unexpected things pop up. Whenever you're feeling off track, take a moment to come back to your vision, your intention, and your priorities and take a moment to SIMPLIFY. Ask yourself, 'what choices could I make to simplify and get closer to my intention?'