How to organize food storage containers

For most people, organizing plastic and glass food storage containers can be a real challenge but with a few quick steps you can make a dramatic improvement.

  1. Take all of your containers and lids out of the cupboard or drawer they are stored in.

  2. Match all the containers with their lids.

  3. Discard lids missing a container or containers missing lids. If you have a piece you are partial to but are missing a piece, set the piece you have out on the counter for a week to see if it’s partner shows up. If not, discard it.

  4. Discard any containers that are not in good condition or containers that you avoid using because you just don’t like them.

  5. Store lids vertically and in-order by size using a plastic storage basket. I’m partial to this one from the Container Store.

  6. Nest containers in one another.

  7. After use, make sure to put the lids and containers back in place. It really won’t take any longer to put away then if you just chucked it into the cupboard and it will save you lots of time looking for matches in the future.

Try it! Take a before and after picture and tag me on Facebook or Instagram.