Tips for organizing party supplies

Decorations, plates, cups, napkins. What to do with all that leftover stuff after a party? Inevitably it gets stuck in a cupboard or drawer, you forget about it, buy more supplies, and the cycle starts all over again. Follow my tips to save time, money and space.

  1. Designate a party supply storage area. Choose a cupboard or drawer in any room or use a tote bin in your basement or a closet to store items neatly and in one place.

  2. Check your supply before you buy. Checking for what you have first will will save you time, money and space.

  3. It’s OK to mix and match. Choose complementary colors and patterns to mix and match using what you already have first, then purchase additional items that coordinate, if necessary.

  4. Reduce your use. Is it possible for you to use reusable items rather than disposable ones?

  5. Decide what’s important to you. Do you LOVE hosting parties with themes and decorations? Great! Keep doing it. If you love it then it’s worth the time, money, effort, and storage space for you. If your answer is no, that’s totally OK! I give you permission to stop doing it and I invite you to think about how you’d rather spend your time, money and energy.