Put it in a pile


The best way to get started when decluttering/purging/getting organized...whatever you want to call it is to put everything in a pile by category. 

For example, make a big pile of all of your clothes. If the idea of piling all of your clothes is too overwhelming, pile by subcategory, like all your t-shirts or all your pants. 

If you have clothes in multiple locations of the house, or even in a storage unit, bring all the like items together. Putting all like-items in one place, allows you to truly see what you have; you can see the quality and quantity of your items and notice themes and patterns. 

Hold each item, one-by-one, and decide on which items you want to KEEP as well as which items you want to let go. Keep the items you love and want to have in your life. Donate or discard items that are no longer serving you.

Try it! Make a pile and let me know how it goes → [email protected]